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Certified CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Systems and Frameworks for Morphologically Rich Languages (SAFMORIL)
Description: The experts of CLARIN-LT contribute with the knowledge of corpus linguistics and natural language processing methods for Lithuanian as well as consult on the morphology, syntax, semantics and tools of part of speech tagging and parsing for the Lithuanian language.


Max. response time: 3 working days.

E-mail: info at

Phone: +37037327841

Semantic and Conceptual Modelling Helpdesk

Kaunas University of Technology (Kaunas)

Description: KTU ISK has an extensive knowledge of databases and information systems engineering, conceptual and semantic modelling, ontology development methods, semantic search implementation. The help desk provides information and consults on:

  • Specifying domain vocabulary (expressing domain semantics) in SBVR standard notation;
  • Application of SBVR vocabulary and rules;
  • Semantic search (meaning-based information retrieval);
  • Text pre-processing for semantic search (information extraction) including application of NLP techniques, semantic annotation and ontology population;
  • Natural language interfaces for semantic search.

Max. response time: 3 working days.

E-mail: rimantas.butleris at

Phone: +37037453445